Mike Shayne #14: Counterfeit Wife by Brett Halliday (Dell, 1952)

Title: Counterfeit Wife
Author: Brett Halliday (pseudonym of Davis Dresser)
Imprint & Number: Dell 590
Cover price: none
Publication date: 1952
Cover artist: Robert Stanley

From the back cover:

“I thought you’d never get here, honey,” said the big blonde from the tourist-cabin bed.

Before Shayne could say anything she reached up and locked her arms around his neck, pulling him down to crush his face against hers with surprising strength.

Shayne twisted his head, and his mouth slid off hers to the side of her throat. Her grip was like a wrestler’s, and he had to struggle against it, getting his hands on her shoulders and prying upward to lift himself from her grasp.

Laughter gurgled from her moist lips…

“Don’t be like that, honey,” she coaxed. “Let us have a drink and be chummy.”

Mike Shayne might not have found it hard to be chummy with the big blonde, but two’s company, three’s a crowd – especially when the third occupant of the dame’s tourist cabin is a nice fresh corpse.

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