My Sister Eileen by Ruth McKenney (Berkley, 1959)

Title: My Sister Eileen
Author: Ruth McKenney
Imprint & Number: Berkley G284
Cover price: 35¢
Publication date: 1959
Cover artist: Kelly Freas

From the back cover:

HERE ARE – the familiar Greenwich Village scenes, the episode with the Brazilian Navy… and also lots more about the famous McKenney sisters, Ruth and Eileen – Irish lassies from Ohio, loaded with charm, wit, good looks, and a talent for getting into hysterically funny situations!

HERE THEY ARE – suffering at silent films, subverting activity at a girls’ camp, holding the Red Cross at bay… and here they are on their first encounter with NOEL COWARD, undertaking the care and feeding of a RUSSIAN PRINCE, turning their father into a second KING LEAR, interviewing RANDOLPH CHURCHILL in riotous style…

All the way from girlhood to young womanhood, from Midwest to Greenwich Village, Ruth and Eileen can be depended on for UNIQUE, UNRELENTING, SIDE-SPLITTING – COMEDY!

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