American Ballads: Naughty, Ribald And Classic (Red Seal, 1952)

Title: American Ballads: Naughty, Ribald And Classic
Compiled by Charles O’Brien Kennedy & David Jordan
Imprint & Number: Red Seal 22
Cover price: 35¢
Publication date: 1952
Cover artist: Barye Phillips

A paperback original first edition. 285 pages of classic ballads & verse including:

  • Casey At The Bat
  • Johnny Appleseed
  • The Man On The Flying Trapeze
  • The Little Brown Jug
  • Billy Boy
  • Oh! Susanna

Contributors include:

Charles Follen Adams
Horatio Alger, Jr.
Elizabeth Akers Allen
Young Ewing Allison
Ambrose Bierce
Isaac H. Bromley
Dana Burnet
Hezekiah Butterworth
Con Carbon
Arthur Chapman
H. Antoine D’Arcy
Gussie Davis
Holman F. Day
Frank Desprez
Dan D. Emmet
James Montgomery Flagg
Joseph Flynn
Sam Walter Foss
Stephen Foster
Benjamin Franklin
Hamlin Garland
Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore
Charles K. Harris
Bret Harte
John Hay
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Richard Hovey
Julia Ward Howe
Bob Hughes
John J. Ingalls
Reginald Wright Kauffman
Wilton Lackaye
Emma Lazarus
Abraham Lincoln
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Richard Mansfield
Edwin Markham
Edward B. Marks
Don Marquis
Herman Melville
Barney Mullelly
John Boyle O’Reilly
Edward E. Paramore, Jr.
Edgar Allan Poe
James Ryder Randall
Paul Revere
James Jeffrey Roche
Damon Runyon
Robert W. Service
William Gilmore Simms
Langdon Smith
Frank L. Stanton
Ernest Lawrence Thayer
William Henry Venable
C.H. Wheeler
W.H. Windom
Will Thomas Withrow
Samuel Woodworth

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