Flight Into Space by JN Leonard (Signet Key, 1954)

Title: Flight Into Space
Editor: Jonathan Norton Leonard
Imprint & Number: Signet Key Ks317
Cover price: .35
Publication date: 11/54
Cover artist: uncredited

From the back cover:

Flight To Other Worlds!

“Around the earth lies an ocean of space, a highway to other worlds. When will men travel this highway which leads beyond the stars? Will it be soon, or eventually, or never?”

The answers to these questions and many other equally intriguing and timely questions are given in this clear, colorful and authoritative book by the Science Editor of Time Magazine. Sifting the facts and fancies of space travel, Mr. Leonard vividly describes the leading personalities, theories and accomplishments of man’s 20th century voyage into the outer reaches of the universe by guided missiles, winged rockets and giant three-stage space ships.


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