Tigers Of The Sea by Robert E Howard (Zebra, 1976)

Title: Tigers Of The Sea
Author: Robert E Howard; edited & with introduction by Richard L Tierney
Imprint & Number: Zebra 119
Cover price: 1.50
Publication date: 1976
Cover artist: Jeff Jones; interior art by Tim Kirk

From the back cover:

Cormac Mac Art…

descendant of other warriors from the time-forgotten lands of Atlantis and Cimmeria, molded in the tradition of Conan and Kull.

Lusty, savage, adventuresome, Cormac, known as an Cluiun, the Wolf, is a renegade and a pirate whose character was forged from the same cold steel as his relentless sword. Roaming the seas of King Arthur’s Britain with his comrade-in-arms, the Viking Wulfhere the Skull-splitter, Cormac’s battles with men and monarchs scale new heights in the fantasy kingdom of Robert E. Howard.



  • Tigers of the Sea
  • Swords of the Northern Sea
  • The Night of the Wolf (from Bran Mak Morn, Dell, 1969)
  • The Temple of Abomination

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