Speed Demon by Jim Bosworth (Ace, 1958)

Title: Speed Demon
Author: Jim Bosworth
Imprint & Number: Ace D-267
Cover price: .35
Publication date: 1958
Cover artist: uncredited

A paperback original first edition.

From the back cover:

What was it in auto racing that Martin Janis was looking for?

Was it in the moment of truth in a speeding car when the tires seem to be screaming for death? …when all the forces of destiny converged upon him, forcing him to a point just short of disaster? …when ambition, frustration and sudden fear raged at him while he had to keep on saying to Death: I know you are here, with me… somewhere here in the sound and the speed, in the wind that rushes over my face like fire… but it isn’t time. You are not good enough to catch me yet…

Speed Demon is a supercharged story of the nerve-shattering world of the racing car driver… and of their women whose passions are aroused as much by the roaring machines as by the men who drive them.

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