Anthony Gethryn # 11: Warrant For X by Philip MacDonald (Pocket, 1945)

Title: Warrant For X
Author: Philip MacDonald
Imprint & Number: Pocket 328
Cover price: none
Publication date: 1945
Cover artist: uncredited

Also published as The Nursemaid Who Disappeared.

From the back cover:

The Puzzle Of The Disappearing Nursemaid

Scotland Yard hesitated. There seemed to be nothing definite on which to act. Yet Sheldon Garrett, the American playwright, knew that the conversation he had overheard was not just the figment of an overheated imagination. A crime was going to be committed – a particularly horrible crime almost unheard of in England – kidnapping! Colonel Anthony Gethryn, though, like puzzles. He also had a small son. From two meager clues, a shopping list and a bus ticket (and with the help of his two crack sleuths, Flood and Dyson, and of Scotland Yard, which at last rallies round), Gethryn discovers that the key to the puzzle is the nursemaid, Janet Murch – but where is she? He finds himself suddenly pitted against a crime ring of unparalleled efficiency. What finally sets him on the right track and brings the reign of terror to its crashing climax is a surprise even to him.


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