Dilemma Of The Dead Lady by William Irish (Graphic, 1950)

Title: Dilemma Of The Dead Lady
Author: William Irish (pseudonym of Cornell Woolrich)
Imprint & Number: Graphic 20
Cover price: none
Publication date: 1950
Cover artist: uncredited

From the back cover:

The mixture of suspense, expertly conveyed crime, and virtuosity in the murder department that has become the trademark of William Irish was never more impressively displayed than in this collection of seven of his most ingenious and original stories. The master’s hand retains its touch; the crackling horror, the change of pace, the glib language of fear, and the quirks of humans who live in the shadows are all present in etched clarity.

Ranging from the eerie horrors of The Lie to the heart-warming career of a young prize-fighter who figures in The Blue Ribbon, the book offers sparkling versatility and surprise. Hot Towel presents the unique experience of a gangster in a cheap barber shop. Subway tells of excitement-drenced adventure in underground pursuit, and Dilemma Of The Dead Lady is a story of patient detection recalling the 19th century masters of this form. For an unusual police yarn, try The Dog With the Wooden Leg.

In short here’s William Irish again – good news for the Irish cult now firmly established in all parts of the world reachable by the printable word.


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