The Wickedest Man by Joseph Millard (Gold Medal, 1954)

Title: The Wickedest Man
Author: Joseph Millard
Imprint & Number: Gold Medal 404
Cover price: .25
Publication date: 1954
Cover artist: Lu Kimmel

From the back cover:

He Called Himself The Gentleman From Hell

Stranger than any fiction, wilder than any fancy, is this true story of the wickedest man who ever lived.

That’s how Ben Hogan billed himself – the wickedest man on earth – and lived up to every evil boast.

He made and threw away fortunes.

He challenged any man living to stand up to his fists. He fought the heavyweight champion of the world – and beat him.

He drank whiskey by the gallon – and took his women by the dozen.

A paperback original first edition. An embellished account of the life of Ben Hogan. Quite a colorful 19th-century Pennsylvania figure.

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