Dangerous Dames, ed. Brett Halliday (Dell, 1955)

Title: Dangerous Dames
Editor: Davis Dresser as Brett Halliday
Imprint & Number: Dell First Edition 77
Cover price: 25¢
Publication date: 1955
Cover artist: Robert Stanley

A paperback original first edition. From the back cover:

Violent Death in Twelve Stories by
Harold Q. Masur
Anthony Boucher
Q. Patrick
Bruno Fischer
Brett Halliday
plus six other top mystery writers

Each story –
and each dame –
introduced by
Mike Shayne


Foreward by Brett Halliday
A Better Mantrap by Day Keene (from Detective Tales, 10/47)
Collector’s Item by Jerome Barry
Hang That Husband High by Bruno Fischer (from Detective Tales, 7/48)
Simone by Joan Vatsek (from Today’s Woman, 1949)
The Statement Of Jerry Malloy by Anthony Boucher
She-Wolf by Rutherford Montgomery
Women Are Poison by Brett Halliday (from The Mysterious Traveler Mystery Reader #5, 1952)
Speak To Me Of Death by Robert Arthur writing as John West
If I Can Ever Forget by Frank Gruber
Witness For The Prosecution by Hugh Callingham Wheeler writing as Q. Patrick
Rhapsody In Blood by Harold Q. Masur (from Manhunt, 8/53)
Angelica Is Still Alive by Walter Snow


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