The Bitter Love by Don King (Newsstand Library U124, 1959)… vintage lesbiana

Title: The Bitter Love
Author: Don King
Imprint & Number: Newsstand Library U124
Cover price: .50
Publication date: 12/1959
Cover artist: uncredited

Brenda Hartford had good reason to lock her past deeply in her subconscious… to forget the sordid tenement she grew up in; her violent rape when she was little more than a child; the shameful gropings of her first “real” girlfriend; and, finally, her true sexual awakening and the tragedy that followed. But Brenda Hartford had no choice now… the shameful, burning past had to come to light, or she would lose her mind forever!

Usually, when I manage to find vintage lesbian-themed paperbacks during my treasure hunts, they’re part of a batch of similar books. This one was flying solo amongst a heap of Agatha Christies & Erle Stanley Gardners. I almost gave up after sifting through 200 or so fairly common titles in bug-eaten boxes but, lo and behold, just under Miss Marple and Perry Mason, there sat Brenda and her bare-bottomed victim.


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