One Night Stands And Lost Weekends by Lawrence Block

One Night Stands And Lost Weekends by Lawrence Block

Title: One Night Stands And Lost Weekends
Author: Lawrence Block
Imprint & Number: Harper
Cover price: none
Publication date: 2008
Cover artist: Robin Bilardello
ISBN: 978-0-06-158214-1

A paperback original first edition compiling short fiction previously published in book form as One Night Stands and The Lost Cases Of Ed London.

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  • One Night Of Death (Guilty, 11/58)
  • Sweet Little Trap (Trapped, 4/59)
  • Bargain In Blood (Off Beat, 2/59)
  • Just Window Shopping (Man’s Magazine, 12/62)
  • The Bad Night (Guilty, 11/58)
  • The Badger Game (Trapped, 2/60)
  • Bride Of Violence (Two-Fisted, 12/59)
  • The Burning Fury (Off Beat, 2/59)
  • The Dope (Guilty, 7/58)
  • A Fire At Night (Manhunt, 6/58)
  • Frozen Stiff (Manhunt, 6/62)
  • Hate Goes Courting (Web, 6/58)
  • I Don’t Fool Around (Trapped, 2/61)
  • Lie Back And Enjoy It (Trapped, 10/58)
  • Look Death In The Eye (Web, 4/59)
  • Nor Iron Bars A Cage (as Make A Prison in Science Fiction Stories, 1/59)
  • Man With A Passion (Sure Fire, 7/58)
  • Murder Is My Business (Off Beat, 9/58)
  • The Naked And The Deadly (Man’s Magazine, 10/62)
  • Package Deal (Ed McBain’s Mystery Book #3, 1961)
  • Professional Killer (Trapped, 4/59)
  • Pseudo Identity (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, 11/66)
  • Ride A White Horse (Manhunt, 12/58)
  • A Shroud For The Damned (Keyhole, 4/62)
  • Stag Party Girl (Man’s Magazine, 2/63)
  • Twin Call Girls (Man’s Magazine, 8/63)
  • The Way To Power (Trapped, 6/58)
  • You Can’t Lose (Manhunt, 2/58)

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