Savage Tales #4, 5/1974, Neal Adams cover

Savage Tales #4, 5/1974… Neal Adams cover

Savage Tales
#4, 5/74
Curtis (Marvel), 75¢

Neal Adams cover
P Craig Russell interior front & back covers (forms poster)

Marvel’s second magazine-sized title developed to compete with Warren’s Creepy, Eerie & Vampirella.


  • Night Of The Dark God – adapted from Robert E Howard’s Conan story The Dark Man
    Roy Thomas script, Gil Kane, Neal Adams pencils, Pablo Marcos, Frank McLaughlin, Vince Colletta inks
  • Star-Crossed Swords – editorial
    by Roy Thomas, art by Al Williamson
  • Jason And His Electric Argonauts – article covering the Jason & The Argonauts film
    by Erwin Stevenson
  • The Crusader – reprints from Black Knight #2, 7/55
    Stan Lee story, Joe Maneely art
  • The Hour Of The Gnome – Conan/Gnome Press article
    by Roy Thomas, Barry Windsor-Smith illustrations
  • Dweller In The Dark – Conan story reprinted from Conan The Barbarian #12, 12/71
    Roy Thomas story, Barry Windsor-Smith art

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