I Am Dracula by C. Dean Anderson

I Am Dracula by C. Dean Anderson (Zebra – 1993)

Title: I Am Dracula
Author: C Dean Anderson
Imprint & Number: Zebra
Cover price: 4.50
Publication date: 1993
Cover artist: Newton
ISBN: 0-8217-4327-9

A paperback original first edition. I obtained this fifteen years ago or so with a batch of other relatively recent fantasy books and, after finding some less-than-mediocre online reviews, decided to stash it in a box with others I never intended to read. Now there’s much more info on the web, and many more book reviews. There seem to be many favorable reviews of this one and so I might give it a shot after all.

From the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania to the glittering heights of aristocratic society, from the dusty halls of scholars to the dark shadows that hide the world’s most blasphemous secrets…

Here is the story of the fifteenth century Wallachian warlord, Vlad the Impaler, and how he became the Lord of Horror, Master of the Undead, Nosferatu Rex. Learn how he struggled with Satan and how he terrorized in blood and evil for five centuries… and up to the present day.

Told over a series of long winter nights to master horror author C. Dean Anderson, this is the shocking, mesmerizing account of Dracula’s history that renders all other versions anemic by comparison…

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