Murder Melody by Kenneth Robeson

Doc Savage #15: Murder Melody by Kenneth Robeson

Title: Murder Melody
Author: Lawrence Donovan writing as Kenneth Robeson
Imprint & Number: Bantam F3296
Cover price: 50¢
Publication date: 1967
Cover artist: James Bama
ISBN: none

Invasion From The Center Of The Earth

It began with a series of quakes which tore huge, gaping holes in the surface of the earth. Soon the sky over the Northwest was filled with the bodies of strange floating men playing a weird melody of death. Was the world doomed? Could Doc Savage and his Fabulous five save it from almost certain destruction? Join them as they race to the center of the earth for a titanic battle with the power-crazed leaders of a fantastic super-civilization.

15th in the Doc Savage paperback series. Originally published in Doc Savage Magazine, 11/35, and first of the stories to be penned by Lawrence Donovan.

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