Ubik by Philip K Dick

Ubik by Philip K Dick

Title: Ubik
Author: Philip K Dick
Imprint & Number: Granada (Panther) 03716-0
Cover price: 75p
Publication date: 1978
Cover artist: Ian Robertson
ISBN: 0-586-03716-0

WHAT plucked Joe Chip from the year 1992 and sent him spinning crazily back through time to the 1930s and a world that had never heard of psis and precogs and anti-precogs and chill half-life?

HOW could Joe’s former boss, the late, great Gene Runciter, scrawl ominous messages on washroom mirrors – after he had been killed in a Lunar bomb-blast?

WHY was Joe’s beautiful and wayward mistress Pat Conley, with her awesome power of time control, trapped with Joe in a living nightmare she should have been able to end – if anyone could?

UBIK was the answer – and it meant the difference between life and death…

Originally published in 1969, using themes introduced in the 1964 short story What The Dead Men Say. Dick himself wrote a screenplay which was never produced but there still seems to be the possibility of a film, according to director Michael Gondry.

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