Penthouse Comix #2, 7-8/1994

Penthouse Comix #2, 7-8/1994… Adam Hughes cover

Penthouse Comix
#2, 7-8/1994
Penthouse International, 4.95

Adam Hughes cover

Top artists, young and old, contribute to the erotic comic magazine that attempted to topple Heavy Metal as the premier publication of its type. Definitely more erotic than Heavy Metal, Penthouse Comix failed to pursue other “mature” subjects during it’s relatively brief run. The most surprising artist to contribute to the title, as far as I’m concerned, is this issues contribution by Archie ComicsDan DeCarlo.

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  • Young Captain Adventure Episode 2: X-Cessive Proposal
    George Caragonne & Tom Thornton story, Adam Hughes art
  • Doctor Dare And The Spear Of Destiny Episode 1: “Elenore & Franklin”
    Caragonne story, Gray Morrow art, Mike Harris frontispiece
  • Libby In The Lost World Episode 2: Man Of A Thousand Faces
    Story by Ray Weisfeld & Arthur Suydam, art by Suydam
  • Scion Episode 2: The Chase
    Caragonne story, Kevin Nowlan art
  • Pets Episode 1: “There Was A Time…”
    John Nubbin story, John Hunter/Dan DeCarlo art
  • Click 3 – first chapter of Milo Manara‘s 3rd installment of Click!, continued in the Click 3 graphic novel.
    story & art by Milo Manara

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