Marvel Super Special #10, Winter/1979

Marvel Super Special #10, Winter/1979: Star-Lord

Marvel Super Special
#10, Winter/1979
Marvel, 1.25

Earl Norem & Peter Ledger cover

After the success of Star Wars, science fiction comics were churned out at a rate not seen since the ’50s. The film proved there was definitely a wider market for the genre and Marvel Comics did all they could to cash in. New SF-based characters were developed and appeared almost monthly. Most were unsuccessful but a few, like the character in this issue’s lead story, Star-Lord, have experienced a bit of popularity. A later Star-Lord story would mark the first collaboration of writer Chris Claremont & artist John Byrne, the creative team that would eventually propel the X-Men into comics superstardom.

English: Actor Chris Pratt at the premiere par...

Actor Chris Pratt will play Star-Lord in the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy film

Star-Lord would go on to join & lead the Guardians Of The Galaxy, an intergalactic team of adventurers which will be featured in a film scheduled to be released in 2014. Chris Pratt (Moneyball, Zero Dark Thirty) is slated to portray the Star-Lord character.


  • World In A Bottle – Star-Lord story
    Doug Moench story, Gene Colan/Tom Palmer art
  • To Sleep, Perchance To Die
    Marc Dacy story, Ernie Colon art
  • SF In Animation – text article – a brief history of science fiction animation
    by Maurice Horn

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