Hard Boiled #1, September/1990

Hard Boiled #1 & 2… Frank Miller & Geof Darrow

Hard Boiled
#1, 9/90
Dark Horse Comics, 4.95

Geof Darrow cover & art, Frank Miller story (Eisner Award-winning team for this title)

First issue of a 3-issue science fiction mini-series that, at one time, was on its way to the big screen. With the success of Miller’s other comics-to-film hits (Sin City & 300), it is quite possible, if ever developed, this one could be as successful.

It does have a few things going against it: First, Nicolas Cage was slated to star and he hasn’t had a hit since… well, you tell me. Second, David Fincher was originally slated to direct (back in 2001) but more recent reports indicate Miller would be helming the film. If you saw The Spirit, that gives you an idea of what to expect. I’m sure that, by now, Fincher’s got much bigger fish to fry so there’s probably no hope of luring him back to this project. With a seasoned director and a star that could pull off a psycho cyborg (Jason Statham certainly has the look of the main character), this could be a fun flick.

Hard Boiled panel

Hard Boiled panel

It’s not Terminator or Cyborg. Saying any more about the plot would be giving away the entire first issue so I’ll leave it at “psycho cyborg in the near-future.” One thing that would definitely be missing from the film is Darrow’s in-your-face artwork.

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Hard Boiled #2

Hard Boiled #2

Hard Boiled
#2, 12/90
Dark Horse Comics, 5.95


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