Penthouse Comix #4, 11-12/1994

Penthouse Comix #4, 11-12/1994… Frank Frazetta cover

Penthouse Comix
#4, 11-12/1994
Penthouse International, 4.95

Frank Frazetta cover (never-before published)

Before the internet and the age of the digitization of everything, comics were everywhere. By 1994, they’d evolved from “funny books” but weren’t quite prestigious enough for each and every one of them to be called a graphic novel as they are today. Aside from the super-hero, funny animal, science-fiction and other traditional comic book genres now on the shelves, adult comics began to creep up from the dark corners of specialty shops and kinda-sorta go mainstream.

Unlike the underground comix of the sixties, with political messages mixed with their sex & drug-themed parodies, most of these new adult comix were sex for sex’s sake. Penthouse Comix lured top-tier talent that contributed serialized stories of science fiction, adventure, humor… and lots of sex. Despite the American version lasting only until 1998, European versions of the magazine lasted more than a decade.


  • Young Captain Adventure Episode 4: The Wrath Of Bad Girl
    George Caragonne & Tom Thornton story, art by Adam Hughes/Bob Wiacek
  • Libby In The Lost World Episode 4: Voodoo Du Jour
    Arthur Suydam story & art
  • Coming Soon – preview of Jason Pearson‘s Action Figures serial
  • Hot Stories
    Caragonne & Thornton story, art by Kevin Maguire
  • Bethlehem Steele Episode 3: The Best Of Both Worlds
    story by Mark McClellan with Caragonne & Thornton, art by Alfonso Azpiri
  • Scion Episode 4: The Commissar
    Caragonne & Thornton story, art by Kevin Nowlan
  • Doctor Dare And The Spear Of Destiny Episode III: Secrets – A Deadly Game
    Caragonne & Thornton story, art by Gray Morrow
  • Paper Dolls
    art by Yenreit Mot
  • Backlash Episode 1: The World Tomorrow
    Caragonne & Thornton story, art by Mark Beachum
  • One Man’s Opinion – editorial
    by George Caragonne
  • Suydam – artist gallery
    art by Arthur Suydam
  • Frazetta – article concerning Frazetta’s new painting “Catwalk,” used as the cover, and an upcoming NY art show featuring Frazetta’s works

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