Marvel Preview #9, Winter/1976

Marvel Preview #9, Winter/1976… Philip Wylie’s “Gladiator”

Marvel Preview
#9, Winter/1976
Curtis (Marvel), 1.00

Earl Norem cover
Mad Castrillo frontispiece

Marvel Comics’ adaptation of Philip Wylie‘s influential 1930 novel Gladiator, retitled “Man-God” for this adaptation. Only the first half of the novel was adapted for this issue. The conclusion was not published, if ever produced.

One of the first of first super human heroes, appearing just prior to Superman, Gladiator would go on to inspire fantasy & science fiction writers since its initial publication.


  • Man-God
    Roy Thomas script, Tony DeZuniga art
  • Philip Wylie – brief bio and commentary on the author’s works
    by Don & Maggie Thompson
  • Supermen In Science Fiction – text articleconcerning the types of super humans of fiction
    by Don & Maggie Thomspon, uncredited illustrations

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