Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated #6, May/1999

Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated #6, May/1999

Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated
#6, May/1999
Quantum Cat, 5.99

Frank Frazetta cover, reprinted from Eerie #23

Frazetta paintings were the draw for the entire 8-issue run of this fantasy anthology mag. Unfortunately the previously-published covers, as fantastic as they are, don’t make up for the forgettable stories within. The quality of the contents varies, with several serialized stories left unfinished. This title seems to have been published purely as an attempt to bank on the Frazetta name. Every issue has “Special Edition” on the cover, with some issues having an alternate cover to garner additional sales from those that have to have every possible version.

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  • Frank Frazetta’s “The Eqyptian Queen” – article on the painting used for the cover
    by Dr. David Winiewicz, art by Frazetta
  • The Horned God: Boudicca’s Tale
    Joe Martin story, Philip Xavier art
  • Jinn
    Brian Haberlin story, Whilce Portacio art
  • Infernus Terra part IV – The Conclusion
    Elio Leone story, Alex Horley & Dan Orizio art
  • The Emerald Seven part 4
    story & art by the Hildebrandt Brothers
  • Raiss Is Back In Town!Tatjana story, Alberto Ponticelli art
  • Enchantment – excerpt from the novel Enchantment by Orson Scott Card
  • A Parting Sketch – pin-up sketch by Frazetta titled “Day Of Wrath”

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