Bop #1, 1982

Bop #1, 1982 – America’s First & Only Music Comix Magazine

#1, 1982
Kitchen Sink, 2.75

John Pound cover
Rick Geary back cover – strip illustrating the first verse of The Beach Boys‘ “Surf City”

Dismal sales led to cancellation after one issue of this odd, music-focused comic magazine. According to the Kitchen Sink website, thousands of unsold issues were taken to a Wisconsin landfill and dumped in the mid ’80s. Weather being what it is in Wisconsin, you could probably still find a few hundred pristine copies if you were able to locate the landfill. There are as many text articles as there are comic features, which probably didn’t help sales, given the target audience.

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  • Re-Bop – editorial
    by Cat Yronwode, illustrated by Jim Engel
  • Teen Beat ’63 – A saga of the twist era
    Marc Hempel story & art
  • Baby Blues – fumetti/collage
    by Joe Schwind
  • Kitz’n’Katz: The Lost Chord
    story & art by Bob Laughlin
  • Baby, That’s Rock’N’Roll – text article discussing the origins of Rock music
    by George Moonoogian, illustrated by Dennis McFarling
  • East Virginia Blues
    Trina Robbins story & art
  • Losers Of The Blues – parody of Robert Crumb’s Heroes Of The Blues trading cards
    Bruce Sweeney script, Dennis Lieberman art
  • A Night With Bo Diddly – text article recounting the author’s experience jamming with the legendary musician
    by Ron Courtney
  • Much Too Much – strip based on an interview with Jerry Lee Lewis
    art by Billy Fugate, adapted by Cat Yronwode
  • ReViews – reviews of books concerning Jerry Lee Lewis
    by Cat Yronwode
  • Barney Google With His Goo-Goo-Googly Eyes – article covering music inspired by comic the strip
    by Murray Bishoff
  • The Mystery DanceElvis Costello strip
    story & art by Doug Erb
  • Records – reviews of record re-issues
    by Dean Mullaney
  • Cowboy Song (as sung by the Kinsman Cowboys-1955)
    story by Harvey Pekar, art by Sean Carroll
  • Taps
    story & art by Alex Toth

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