Bizarre Adventures #27, 7/81 - Secret Lives Of The X-Men

Bizarre Adventures #27, 7/81… Secret Lives Of The X-Men

Bizarre Adventures
#27, 7/81
Marvel, 1.25

Paul Gulacy cover
John Buscema/Klaus Janson frontispiece

This was released just as the X-Men began to experience their meteoric rise in popularity. There was only one X-title, The Uncanny X-Men, on which John Byrne had just completed his run as artist. Probably the most popular artist of the time, Byrne (assisted by inker Terry Austin), with the help of longtime X-Men writer Chris Claremont, helped boost the popularity of the X-Men, not to mention comics in general, to levels not seen since the Golden Age (late ’30s to the early ’50s).

Unfortunately, standalone stories appearing outside the featured characters’ regular titles that don’t play a big part in their continuity, or that aren’t produced by certain creators, don’t generally garner a tremendous amount of attention. Despite the inclusion of Phoenix’s origin, a cameo by the entire X-Men team in the Nightcrawler story, and far smaller circulation numbers (59,000 vs 259,000), this issue’s guide price (I know, I know… it’s only a guide) is the same as the uneventful The Uncanny X-Men #147 which was released the same month.

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Secret Lives Of The X-Men featuring:

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