Eerie #2, 3/66

Eerie #2, 3/66… Frank Frazetta cover

#2, 3/66
Warren, 35¢

Frank Frazetta cover
Jack Davis back cover


  • Footsteps of Frankenstein – A retired doctor pieces things together in his spare time
    Archie Goodwin story, Reed Crandall art
  • One For De-Money – Have a lesson in conjuring up wealth… and death
    E Nelson Bridwell story, Angelo Torres art
  • Eye Of The Beholder – Gerald Lewis would do anything for his wife… even bring her back from the dead
    Archie Goodwin story, Johnny Craig (as Jay Taycee) art
  • Flame Fiend! – You’ll have a hot time with this tale of burning vengeance
    Eando Binder story, Gray Morrow artEando Binder was a pseudonym used by Otto & Earl Binder for pulp stories they jointly produced. By 1939, Otto took over on all the writing duties while Earl served as literary agent.
  • Eerie’s Monster Gallery: Werewolf
    John Severin art
  • To Pay The Piper! – Plagued by vampires? Sandor can pipe them away, for a price
    Larry Ivie story, Gene Colan art
  • Vision Of Evil – Cousin Eerie gives a painting lesson and proves fear is an art
    Archie Goodwin story, Alex Toth art
  • Ahead Of The Game! – Big game hunter Harry Black bags a trophy of terror
    Archie Goodwin story, Joe Orlando art (ghosted by Jerry Grandenetti/Bill Draut)

Seems like a lot of Archie Goodwin, eh? Goodwin was one of the most prolific writers in comics. Not many can come close to his output during the time he was active.

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