Eerie #126, 11/81

Eerie #126, 11/81… Richard Corben cover

#126, 11/81
Warren, 2.00

Richard Corben cover


  • Zud Kamish: Crabs – Shobi crabs had been a prize delicacy, stupid as a stone, and easy to hunt – a bonanza for crab hunters! But lately they’ve been turning on the hunting parties with military precision, tearing men and machinery to shreds! Now it’s up to Zud Kamish, hero of the galaxy, to find out how and why the crabs suddenly got wise.
    John Ellis Sech story, ER Cruz art.
  • Pyramid – Ulzan R.! The brilliant leader of the Alliance of Light, the brutal slayer of billions of innocent people! Orka has been pursuing Ulzan R. all over the universe, and now he has him cornered! The only things stopping him from bringing him to justice are a trained army, scheming cutthroats, and legions of people that adore the criminal as a God!
    Story by Jim Stenstrum writing as Alabaster Redzone, art by Luis Bermejo
  • Korsar – Naja, the beautiful, power-drunk and passionate sorceress queen, lounged on her throne of skulls and commanded Korsar to fight to the death with a hulking, killed-crazed giant! Naja liked to make love to the sound of a man’s dying screams, and Naja was now in the mood! Korsa swore that she would hear those dying screams… her own!
    Story by Jim Stenstrum writing as Alabaster Redzone, art by Esteban Maroto
  • Haggarth – Haggarth is up to his neck in intrigues! Cloaked figures come and go in the night, assassins lurk around every corner! Kings, priests, rebels, and petty thieves are all vying for the possession of the Sacred Parchment, the instrument that bestows wisdom yet turns good en who seek it to the path of evil, modest men to the lust for power!
    Story & art by Victor de la Fuenta, originally serialized in the European magazine A SUIVRE. De la Fuenta was (and still is) a well-respected Spanish illustrator whose works spanned decades. His realistic style was quite similar to Al Williamson.

Fore the most part, the stories here are much more mature than those of the earlier issues but still doesn’t come close to the quality of higher-end comic mags like Heavy Metal.

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