Male Vol 11 #6, 6/61

Male Vol 11 #6, June/1961

Vol 11 #6, 6/1961
Male Publishing, 35¢
editorial director: Bruce J Friedman

Bruce Minney cover


  • The Yank Flyer Who Led A Band Of Vengeance Brides – an account of  Cpl Gina Santelli, tailgunner shot down over Sicily, and his revenge against German forces, assisted by several sly female – by James Collier, art by Mort Künstler
  • The Acre prison after the break

    The Acre prison after the break

    World’s Greatest Prison Break – recounts the events of the Acre Prison Break in 1947 – by Stefan Wolfe

  • Undiscovered Dirt-Cheap Paradises For Men by Joel Lieber
  • Caligula


    The 1000 Bawdy Nights Of Rome’s Wildest EmporerCaligula story by Martin Fass, art by Walter Popp

  • Eight Commandos Against Singapore – condensed version of The Heroes by Ronald McKie, art by Harry Schaare
  • Muffins, Toddies And Crumpets – pictorial featuring Eve Eden
  • Will A Machine Throw You Out Of Work? by David Norman
  • Takeo Yoshikawa

    Takeo Yoshikawa

    The Amazing Spy That Caused Our Defeat At Pearl Harbor – story of Japanese spy Takeo Yoshikawa by Mark Sufrin, art by James Bama

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