Men Vol 10 #2, 2/1961

Men Vol 10 #2, 2/1961

Vol 10 #2, 2/1961
Zenith, 35¢
editorial director: Bruce J Friedman

Clark Hulings combo Fidel Castro/bondage cover… a far cry from his fantastic mainstream paintings (take a look)


  • Where The Wonderful New Jobs Will Be In The Next 10 Years – interview with Deputy Secretary Of Labor Seymour Wolfbein
  • The Stubborn Admiral Who Beat The Russians To The PolarisAdmiral William “Red” Raborn article by David Norman
  • Kiss Death On The Mouth – billed as a complete novel but actually just an excerpt by Dan J Marlowe (his 4th), art by Clark Hulings (a Johnny Killain (spelling changed to “Killian” here) story originally published as The Fatal Frails, Avon T452, 1960)
  • How Castro Double-Crossed His American Sidekick – Article by Neil McCauley discussing Castro’s arrest of Bill Morgan, an American citizen that that fought alongside Castro against the Bautista regime. Initially believing Castro to be anti-communist, Morgan sided with the counter-revolutionaries after discovering Castro’s true leanings and was executed a month after this issue’s publication.
  • Kim Soo-Im

    Agent Kim Soo Im: The Undercover Wench Who Tipped Our Battle Plans In Korea – sensationalized article by Ivan Colt regarding alleged communist spy of the Korean War, Kim Soo-Im. Kim Soo-Im was tried in a South Korean court and executed as a spy. More recent revelations indicate that Kim Soo-Im was innocent but an easy target for the South Korean government’s “witch hunt” for communists & communist sympathizers because of her romantic involvement with both a prominent communist, Lee Gang-kook, and American Colonel John E Baird. A tragic case but at the time of this publication Kim Soo-Im was considered the South Korean Mata Hari, with the cover going so far as to call her a “streetwalker” (see one of two pages of the accompanying artwork below by Emmet Kay). The film rights to her story were sold by Kim Soo-Im’s son in 2006 and the project was assigned a working title of Against Conspiracy in 2009 but I’ve been unable to find anything more recent concerning the film.

"Yankees like to be caressed," Miss Kim told her Seduction Class. "A good agent will remember these little things"

Kim Soo-Im: the pulp version ca. 1961: “Yankees like to be caressed,” Miss Kim told her Seduction Class. “A good agent will remember these little things”

  • Mighty Zarak: The Oddball Hero Who Trapped A Jap Army In Burma – WWII article by Donovan Fitzpatrick
  • How To Get Along With A Woman Sexually by Emanuel F Hammer with James A Bryans
  • Knife-Fighting King Of The Natchez Trace – embellished account of the adventures of John Murrell by Claude Dunnagan; art by Gil Cohen
  • The Human Chair – weird fiction by Edogawa Rampo (first English publication in Japanese Tales of Mystery and Imagination, 1956), art by Harry Schaare
  • The Blonde And Her Ten Uncles – pictorial featuring Grete Heinz
  • The Sadistic World Of The Red Chinese Soldier by Lt Col Robert Rigg, US Army

2 thoughts on “Men Vol 10 #2, 2/1961

  1. Thanks a lot for your posting. I want to read this issue, especially about article of Kim Soo Im. Can you give me some information that how I can to get this article.

  2. Hi there! I am also interested in this article on Kim Soo Im. Is there any way that I can read it or obtain the magazine? Thank you!


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