Men Vol 10 #12, 12/1961

Vol 10 #12, 12/1961
Atlas, 35¢
editorial director: Bruce J Friedman

Cover by Harry Schaare


  • How To Pile Up A Fortune Buying Old Tanks, Planes And Other Government Surplus – interview with James Garvey of the US General Services Administration
  • Who Threw 40,000 GI’s Down The Drain? (Our Awful Blunder At Anzio Beachhead) by Wynford Vaughan-Thomas
  • The Young Girl Wolfpacks That Terrorize Our Cities – true crime girl-gang article by Arnold Alexander, art by Harry Schaare
  • The Coming War Between Russia And Red China by Irwin Carter
  • A Famous Psychiatrist Tells You How To Boost Your Sexual Batting Average by Dr Frank S Caprio
  • “Like Hell I’ll Surrender!” (The Glorious Holdout Of Lt. Hugh Miller On Jap-Infested Arundel Island) by Mark Sufrin, art by Gil Cohen
  • The Human Rat – by Will F Jenkins, better known by his pseudonym Murray Leinster, art by Lewis (originally published as “Side Bet” in Collier’s Weekly, 7/31/37)
  • The Lady Eichmanns: Why Have They Gone Unpunished? – Nazi wives article by Jack Pearl
  • Major “Mayhem” And His Magnificent Dirty Fighters by Phillippe De Vomecourt, art by Bob Schulz (from the book An Army Of Amateurs, 1961)
  • Norway’s Best Dressed Nudist – pictorial featuring Mona Winther
  • How Doctors Can Bring You Back From The Grave – exclusive report by William Harrell

Damn, I feel so masculine after breaking one of these open (that’s sarcasm, btw). If the interior art doesn’t feature an explosion or a fight, there is usually half-dressed dame or two to keep you turning the pages, such as the double-page spread below by Harry Schaare which accompanied the girl gang article. Heck, the spread below is better than the pictorial.

Harry Schaare art from "The Young Girl Wolfpacks That Terrorize Our Cities"

Harry Schaare art from “The Young Girl Wolfpacks That Terrorize Our Cities”

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