The Spirit #1, April/1974

The Spirit #1, April/1974

The Spirit
#1, 4/1974
Warren, $1.00

Cover by Basil Gogos
Written & illustrated by Will Eisner except where noted

Magazine-size B&W newspaper reprints of The Spirit color newspaper sections, with a single color story.

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  • The Last Trolley (2/24/46); Bob Palmer splash page ink art
  • Escape (4/13/47); Jerry Grandenetti partial inks
  • Li’l Adam (7/20/47); Jerry Grandenetti partial inks; Jules Feiffer 3/4 page pencils
  • The Criminal (11/2/47); Jerry Grandenetti partial inks
  • El Spirito (color) (2/1/48); Jerry Grandenetti partial inks; Richard Corben colors
  • The Killer (12/8/46); Bob Palmer partial inks
  • Granule Of Time (3/2/47); Jerry Grandenetti partial inks
  • The Partner (1/26/47); Jerry Grandenetti partial inks

In my opinion, Eisner’s strip, as a whole, is several cuts above pretty much every other sequential art ever produced, except for those by Winsor McCay. There may be better artists but as far as storytellers go, he’s very near if not at the top.

The Spirit has been around for more than half a century, with only two film treatments: a 1987 TV movie starring Sam Jones, star of 1980’s Flash Gordon (bad film, great soundtrack), and 2008’s theatrical release starring Gabriel Macht & Samuel L Jackson, directed by comics writer/artist Frank Miller, who should probably stick to comics given the reception the film received.

As with all Warren mags of the time, the back few pages contain a virtual geek’s catalog, with a selection of books, magazines, posters, models, records, 8mm movies, and more, with subjects ranging from super heroes to movie monsters.

English: Will Eisner appeared at 2004 San Dieg...

English: Will Eisner appeared at 2004 San Diego Comic Con. Photograph by Patty Mooney, Crystal Pyramid Productions, San Diego, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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