The House Of Hammer Vol 1 #1, Oct/1976

The House Of Hammer Vol 1 #1, Oct/1976

The House Of Hammer Vol 1 #1, Oct/1976

The House Of Hammer
Vol 1 #1, 10/1976
General Book Distribution, 30p
editor: Dez Skinn

Cover by Joe Petagno
Writers: Steve Moore – John Fleming – John Brosnan – Barry Pattison – Benny Aldrich – Tise Vahimagi


  • Dracula – comic adaptation of Hammer’s 1958 film, by Paul Neary
  • Christopher Lee – The Man Behind The Monster, biography & filmography, uncredited
  • Media Macabre – film & fandom columns, uncredited
  • Captain Kronos-Vampire Hunter – film recap (uncredited) & new comic story by Ian Gibson
  • Horror Around The World – international horror film industry article by Barry Pattison
  • Effectively Speaking – history of special effects in film by John Brosnan
  • Drinkers Of Boold…Stealers Of Souls – article on screen vampires by Steve Moore
  • Van Helsing’s Terror Tales: Voodoo Vengeance – comic story by Angus McKie

A British mag primarily devoted to horror films produced by Hammer Studios, which became tremendously successful with revisions of classic movie monsters in the ’50s, ’60s & ’70s with colorful, gruesome (for that time) films featuring Frankenstein, Dracula, the Mummy, the Werewolf and other horror mainstays, as well as creations of their own.The films’ high production quality, solid talent in actors such as Christopher Lee & Peter Cushing, as well as a fair amount of female flesh, whether they be damsels in distress or the causes of distress, make them highly enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “The House Of Hammer Vol 1 #1, Oct/1976

  1. I wish they would put out a set with all the great Hammer movies. they did it once, but now it costs over $1000. They need to release it again.

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