Stag Vol 11 #7, July/1960

Stag Vol 11 #7, July/1960

Vol 11 #7, 7/1960
Atlas, 35¢
editorial director: Noah Sarlat

Cover by Mort Künstler


  • The Sergeant Who Decoyed The Nazis’ Fraulein Werewolves – WWII story by James Collier; illustrated by Mort Künstler
  • One Last Fight, One Last Drink, One Last Woman by WJ Saber; illustrated by Bruce Minney
  • How A City Cop Broke A $2,000,000 Mail Robbery by Cameron Chambers
  • The Allied Saboteur And Geisha Girl Riots – pre-WWII espionage story by JJ Connaughton; illustrated by Samson Pollen
  • The Crazy Civil War Tunnel That Wrecked Two Armies – story by Frank Mullady & William H Kofoed; illustrated by James Bama
  • Shut-In, By Choice – pictorial featuring Vikki Dougan
  • 1927-America’s Wildest Binge by Allen Churchill; illustrated by Walter Popp
  • World War Two’s Strangest Dogfight: A Russian Major vs An American Lieutenant by Glen Infield

Unlike most pin-ups appearing in the tamer men’s mags, Vikki Dougan went on to have something of a successful career. Vikki “The Back” Dougan would’ve remained just another pin-up had she not shown up for an Esquire shoot in a specially-designed dress that was cut extremely low in the back and accentuated her obvious assets. The year following this issue,  a song entitled “Vikki Dougan” was released by The Limeliters, celebrating these assets…

Vikki “The Back” Dougan


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