Glance Vol 3 #5. June/1960

Glance Vol 3 #5, June/1960 – Elizabeth Taylor cover

Vol 3 #5, 6/1960
Cape Magazine Management, 35¢

Celebrity photo mag with a few oddball stories interspersed. Elizabeth Taylor cover. Oh, and someone finally found the abominable snowman.

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  • How’s Your Bath Appeal? – pictorial featuring bathing celebrities Lili St Cyr, Marilyn Monroe & others
  • Guys Who Make Those Teenage Heriesses Flip by Oliver Monbouquette
  • Barbara Valentin bikini shot
  • Where Guts Pays Off In Gold! marine salvager article by Jocker McCrae
  • Chick With An Iron Frame – pictorial featuring strongwoman/model Jean Rhodes
  • Items At A Glance – celebrity news by Ted Gates
  • How Long Can Castro Last?Fidel Castro article by Carlos Ibanez Sanroman
  • Monkeys All Around – monkey (yes, monkey) pictorial
  • “Boys At Lieasure” – Antonio Sabatucci claimed to be able to predict babies’ sex before birth
  • Can A Weak Batter Ever Improve – baseball article by Ward Richardson
  • Liz…Is She Too Much For Eddie? – Elizabeth Taylor/Eddie Fisher article by Edward McG Parsons
  • That Gal’s Here Again!Jayne Mansfield pictorial, supposedly candid shots of her losing her bikini top
  • Why Delinquents Are Turning To Off-Beat Love – juvenile delinquency article, focusing on stranger behavior such as “peeping tom-ism” and transvestism, by Edwin Sanders
  • Wanted: Models, Young – pictorial with unnamed models in bikinis
  • “I Found The Abominable Snowman!” – by John A Keel
  • Beyond The Three-Mile Limit – by Edward FX Finnegan concerning cruise ships with sex shows
  • Giving ‘Gators The Gate – South American alligator hunter pictorial

Keel, author of the report on the abominable snowman, would eventually author the popular book The Mothman Prophecies.

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