Fantastic Adventures Vol 8 #1, Feb/1946

Fantastic Adventures Vol 8 #1, Feb/1946, front cover

Fantastic Adventures Vol 8 #1, Feb/1946
front cover by Walter Parke

Fantastic Adventures
Vol 8 #1, 2/1946
Ziff-Davis, 25¢
editor: Raymond A Palmer

Front cover: Walter Parke (illustrates Toka And The Man Bats)
Back cover: Frank R Paul  (illustrates Stories Of The Stars: Alphecca)


  • Moon Slave by Leroy Yerxa writing as by Elroy Arno; illustrated by HW McCauley
  • Vignettes of Famous Scientists: Copernicus by Alexander Blade (house name)
  • Vacation in Shasta by Rog Phillips; illustrated by Robert Fuqua
  • Possibilities Unlimited by Sandy Miller
  • The Life Symbol by Berkeley Livingston; illustrated by Virgil Finlay
  • Lark on the Ark by Richard Casey (house name); illustrated by J Allen St John
  • Harnessing Lightning by Pete Bogg writing as R Clayton
  • Siren Song by Berkeley Livingston writing as Lester Barclay; illustrated by Virgil Finlay
  • Toka and the Man Bats by Raymond A Palmer writing as JW Pelkie; illustrated by William Juhre; 2nd of 4 known Toka stories
  • Werner – Famed Geologist by Lynn Standish writing as Carter T Wainwright
  • Romance of the Elements: Tungsten written & illustrated by Gordon McLean & Rod Ruth
  • Medicine Man Magic by Vincent H Gaddis
  • The Admiralty’s Strangest Mystery by Vincent H Gaddis
  • Science: The Master Magician by Preston Davis
  • A Meadow Yields a Miracle by Sandy Miller
  • Stories of the Stars: Alphecca by Henry Gade (house name)
Fantastic Adventures Vol 8 #1, Feb/1946, back cover

Fantastic Adventures Vol 8 #1, Feb/1946
back cover by Frank R Paul

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