Porky’s by Ron Renauld (Pocket 46971-1 – 1983)

Porky's by Ron Renauld

Porky’s by Ron Renauld

Where a red-blooded boy up to no good can have a ball!

The boys of Angel Beach High were going nuts. Problem – GIRLS, and how to get some! Rubbernecking through the gym shower wall while the girls soaped up was better than magazines but getting into Porky’s was IT.

Porky’s – that steamy, noisy, rockin’ Everglades joint where the beer, the guitars, and the girls were never flat! Until Porky threw them all out for being underage. Pee Wee, Timmy, Brian, Billy, Tommy and Meat had to get even – and get next to those hot ‘n hungry honeys who just can’t get enough.

The girls didn’t know what was up – and the Angel Beach boys couldn’t wait to show them!

Cover of "Porky's"

Cover of Porky’s

A paperback original first edition. Movie tie-in with the cult teen-age sex comedy of the same name, based on the screenplay by Bob Clark.

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Title: Porky’s
Author: Ron Renauld
Imprint & Number: Pocket 46971-1
Cover price: 2.95
Publication date: 1983
Cover artist: photo
ISBN: 0-671-46971-1

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