Wildcat’s Rampage by Jeff Clinton (Berkley Y677 – 1962)

Wildcat's Rampage by Jeff Clinton

Wildcat’s Rampage by Jeff Clinton

Wildcat O’Shea is back…
and no one can stop him!

Wildcat O’Shea had to break his way out of the Redrock jail in order to get to Farmington. He just happened to have a little extra dynamite available and it cam in right handy…

Wildcat wanted to find out who had pulled the Farmington bank job and killed the chief clerk. Maybe his close friend Randy Tyler knew the answer, but Randy wasn’t talking…

Wildcat had two gorgeous belles from the saloon in full pursuit of him, as well as miscellaneous trigger-happy gunslingers. The girls were agreeable, but the gunslingers weren’t…

When Wildcat was finished with his work, the town was never the same again…

Wildcat is a new kind of western hero who never refuses a drink, a girl or a brawl!

#2 of 14 in the Wildcat O’Shea series. A paperback original first edition.

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Title: Wildcat’s Rampage
Author: Jack Bickham writing as Jeff Clinton
Imprint & Number: Berkley Y677
Cover price: 40¢
Publication date: 1962
Cover artist: uncredited
ISBN: none

Cover of "The Apple Dumpling Gang (Specia...

Cover via Amazon

Despite a rather long list of credits, Bickham’s most famous novel is The Apple Dumpling Gang. Most of the information I’ve located regarding the Wildcat O’Shea series concerns Jim Steranko’s cover contributions to the later editions. The few Bickham bibliographies available online are incomplete. I did find a series list, which is included in Paul Varner’s Historical Dictionary Of Westerns In Literature:

Wildcat O'Shea

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