Mike Shayne #61: Count Backwards to Zero by Brett Halliday (Dell 1507 – 1975)

Bombshell Baby

Anne was as hot as a firecracker with a very short fuse, and determined to get her hands on Mike Shayne. Ordinarily it would have been easy, but Mike had enough to deal with without asking for more trouble – and Anne Blagden was definitely more trouble.

But when the lady slipped into his stateroom, stripped down and faced Mike with the bare facts, he couldn’t exactly ignore her case. After all, they were on a pleasure cruise – and a smuggled atomic bomb could blow the fun for all of them…

Mike Shayne, the private eye with megacool, blasts into an explosive case of count-down mystery and murder

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#61 in the Mike Shayne series.

Title: Count Backwards to Zero
Author: Robert Terrall writing as Brett Halliday
Imprint & Number: Dell 1507
Cover price: 95¢
Publication date: 1975
Cover artist: photo
ISBN: 440-01507-095


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