Travis McGee #9: Pale Gray For Guilt by John D MacDonald (Gold Medal D1893 – 1968)

Tush Bannon was in the way. It wasn’t anything he knew or anything he had done. He was just there, in the wrong spot at the wrong time, and the fact that he was a nice guy with a nice wife and three nice kids didn’t mean one scream in hell to the jackals who had ganged together to pull him down.

And they got him, crushed him to hamburger, and walked away, counting their change. But one thing that they never could have figured…

Tush Bannon was Travis McGee‘s friend!

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Title: Pale Gray For Guilt
Author: John D MacDonald
Imprint & Number: Gold Medal D1893
Cover price: 50¢
Publication date: 1968
Cover artist: Ronnie Lesser
ISBN: none


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