Mike Shayne #56: So Lush, So Deadly by Brett Halliday (Dell 8055 – 1975)

Maid of Money

She was an X-rated fantasy, Dotty De Rham, a fancy rich bitch who liked her studs rough and ready and her sexual fare a smorgasbord of erotic delights. But when her own husband split, she pleaded with Mike Shayne like a dishonored virgin to get him back.

The job had its compensations, not the least of which was Dotty herself. But when sex lowered its lovely head and killers moved in, Mike realized his torrid blue dream had seduced him into a nightmare of adultery, arson and cold-blooded murder….

Mike Shayne, the private eye with lover’s cool, swings into a kinky case of white-hot blackmail and extramarital mayhem.

#56 in the Mike Shayne series.

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Title: So Lush, So Deadly
Author: Robert Terrall writing as Brett Halliday
Imprint & Number: Dell 8055
Cover price: 95¢
Publication date: 1975
Cover artist: photo
ISBN: 440-08055-095


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