Touched With Fire by John Tebbel (Perma P222 - 1952)

Touched With Fire by John Tebbel (Perma P222 – 1952)

She Fled From The Gutters Of Paris To The Savage Hell Of A Brawling Frontier

His Passion Would No Longer Be Denied…

Phillipe dismissed the servant before Madeleine’s door, knocked and entered. She was posed on an ornate chaise lounge, a red robe clasped loosely about her waist. The folds of the robe hinted at the sensuous curves of her figure, inflaming his senses, reminding him of promises never fulfilled.

Without a word, Phillipe walked swiftly to her, kissing her lips with a hard, demanding mouth. For a moment she yielded, then pushed him away. “Really, Phillipe, remember I’m not one of your squaws to use as you please.”

The whiplash of her voice was more than he could endure. “You’ll be mine whether you love me or not!” He pulled her to him with the fierce strength of pent-up passion, heedless of her protests…

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Title: Touched With Fire
Author: John Tebbel
Imprint & Number: Perma P222
Cover price: 35¢
Publication date: 1952
Cover artist: uncredited
ISBN: none

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