Skylark #1: The Skylark Of Space by Edward E Smith (Pyramid F-764 – 1962)

Pyramid F-764, 2nd Pyramid printing

Pyramid F-764, 2nd Pyramid printing

It Started On Earth…

Scientist Richard Seaton had discovered the secret of complete release of ultimate energy – the key to space flight. The powerful, unscrupulous DuQuesne, backed by a great industrial combine, tried murder and theft to gain the secret. DuQuesne struck – and

It Ended In Space…

Seaton, DuQuesne, and three others – two of them women – were marooned, countless light-years from Earth… with only one chance in a million of getting back!

Originally serialized in 1929 in Amazing Stories, with contributions by Lee Hawkins Garby, Smith revised the story for the Pyramid edition and removed most of Garby’s contributions as well her name from the credits.

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Title: The Skylark Of Space
Author: Edward E Smith
Imprint & Number: Pyramid F-764
Cover price: 40¢
Publication date: 1962
Cover artist: Richard Powers
ISBN: none


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