The Mask by Owen West (Jove E5695 – 1981)

Jove E5695, 1st printing

Jove E5695, 1st printing

“Hello, I’m Nobody.”

She appeared out of nowhere, in the middle of traffic, on a busy day. A teenager with no past, no family – no memories. Carol and Paul were drawn to her – she was the child they’d never had. It was almost too good to be true.

Then the hauntings began – ghastly sounds in the night, a bloody face in the mirror… the half-felt horror and the deja vu…

Where did Jane come from? Is she just an orphan in need of love? Or a visitor from a dark place in Hell? Who is the girl behind The Mask?

A paperback original first edition by Dean Koontz writing as Owen West.

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Title: The Mask
Author: Owen West (pseudonym of Dean Koontz)
Imprint & Number: Jove E5695
Cover price: 2.95
Publication date: 1981
Cover artist: uncredited
ISBN: 0-515-05695-2



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