Hellstrom’s Hive by Frank Herbert (Bantam T8276 – 1974)

Bantam T8276 (4/74)

Bantam T8276 (4/74)

The Time: The 1970’s, Police State, U.S.A.

The all-powerful secret government agency wanted Dr. Hellstrom’s Project 40. But It also knew that Hellstrom was dangerous. Any move to investigate his hidden farm must be very carefully made.

A team of operatives was sent to invade a world of insect-humans more fearful than even the agency’s chief suspected. A world where specially-bred scientists with huge heads and stunted legs developed weapons that hummed with deadly insect venom… chemically neutered workers with a sting that could poison the world… hidden tunnels immune to atomic fission… hormones for endless hyped-up sex orgies… and the vats in which everyone finally ended to nourish future generations of human insects!

Frank Herbert (science fiction writer) at Octo...

Frank Herbert (science fiction writer) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Originally serialized in Galaxy magazine as Project 40.

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Title: Hellstrom’s Hive
Author: Frank Herbert
Imprint & Number: Bantam T8276
Cover price: 1.50
Publication date: April, 1974
Cover artist: R. Shore
ISBN: 553-08276-150

Film poster for The Hellstrom Chronicle - Copy...

Film poster for The Hellstrom Chronicle – Copyright 1971, Cinema 5 Distributing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This story was inspired by the pseudo-documentary film The Hellstrom Chronicle, a combination of exceptional nature photography with ridiculously sensationalized narration, written by David Seltzer (also credited with writing the film The Omen). Somehow, the film managed to beat out genuine documentaries and win the 1971 Oscar & BAFTA Award for best documentary feature, as well as the 1971 Technical Grand Prize at Cannes.

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