Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert (Berkley N1847 – 1970)

Berkley N1847, 12th printing

Berkley N1847, 12th printing


Won Frank Herbert the Hugo and Nebula awards – the highest testimonials from SF’s fans and writers. Now, in DUNE MESSIAH, he carries the richly colorful epic of Paul Atreides, made leader of the Galaxy by a holy war fought in the spaceways and on a thousand planets.

An epic of imperial intrigue that spans the Universe – a rewarding novel of bizarre human drama – DUNE MESSIAH is one of the most remarkable works of fiction of this or any year.

Frank Herbert (science fiction writer) at Octo...

Frank Herbert (science fiction writer) at Octocon science fiction convention at the El Rancho Tropicana hotel in Santa Rosa, California, October 1978 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2nd novel in the Dune series. Originally serialized in Galaxy in 1969.

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Title: Dune Messiah
Author: Frank Herbert
Imprint & Number: Berkley N1847
Cover price: 95¢
Publication date: 1970
Cover artist: Jack Gaughan
ISBN: 425-01847-4

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