Room 222 #2: Monday Morning Father by William Johnston (Tempo 5342 – 1970)

Tempo 5342, 4th printing

Tempo 5342, 4th printing

“That boy is trouble, Pete!”

But at first Pete Dixon doesn’t listen to the warnings: he isn’t worried. Until he finds that the big blond boy is shrewdly using him as a weapon – a special kind of weapon – against his famous father. And learns that the strange war  between father and son is close to violent explosion!

All this happens in the high school where handsome Pete Dixon teaches American history; where Seymour Kaufman is the principal with a sense of humor; where Liz McIntyre is a counselor who cares and Alice Johnson is a young student teacher.

It could be your school!

Publicity photo of Karen Valentine and Lloyd H...

Publicity photo of Karen Valentine and Lloyd Haymes from the television program Room 222. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2nd in the Room 222 TV tie-in series with photo cover featuring Lloyd Haynes.

*ROOM 222 TV tie-in novels at*

Title: Monday Morning Father
Author: William Johnston
Imprint & Number: Tempo 5342
Cover price: 75¢
Publication date: 1970
Cover artist: photo
ISBN: 448-05342-075

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