Mission Impossible by Wesley E Smith (Pyramid N2121 – 1969)

Pyramid N2121

Pyramid N2121

How Do You Prove You’re Not A Square?

Wesley Smith was just another “square” school teacher. At least his students thought so.

Then, one day, he impulsively extended his hand in friendship to a tough, teenage dropout.

Amazing things happened. Teacher and tough guy formed a unique team. Their aim: to go down into the slum streets to help other troubled teenagers – even if it meant facing up to hatred, violence and death!

Wes Smith’s crusade succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. “Turned on” tough guys turned off and became solid junior citizens, swapping despair for faith and hope. Wes’ story is sometimes frightening but it is a true story with a happy ending… his “impossible mission” truly a mission possible.

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Title: Mission Impossible
Author: Wesley E Smith
Imprint & Number: Pyramid N2121
Cover price: 95¢
Publication date: 1969
Cover artist: Goldberg
ISBN: 511-02121-095


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