Pressure Man by Zach Hughes (Signet J9498 – 1980)

Pressure Man by Zach Hughes

Pressure Man by Zach Hughes

Earth’s Final Hope

It came from beyond the solar system, hurtling at unbelievable speed into the Jovian atmosphere. And there it waited, sending out signals – signals that might be a cry for help, a deadly trap, or the herald of a new age for our terrifyingly overpopulated planet.

Whatever its purpose, the challenge of the alien ship couldn’t be ignored. So the space program drafted Dominic Gordon and his crack scientific team for one final desperate project: to build a space ship strong enough to withstand the awesome pressure of the Jovian atmosphere and large enough to  rescue the alien from Jupiter’s powerful grip. But Jupiter was only one of their opponents. For if the fanatic Earthfirsters got to Dominic before he completed his mission, it would be the beginning of the end for mankind…

A paperback original first edition.

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Title: Pressure Man
Author: Zach Hughes
Imprint & Number: Signet J9498
Cover price: 1.95
Publication date: 1980
Cover artist: uncredited
ISBN: 0-451-09498-0


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