Wyoming Jones #3: Day Of The Gun by Richard Telfair (Gold Medal S1250 – 1962)

The little town of Serret woke lazily that morning, unaware that it had a rendezvous with destiny. From the west a wagonload of gold was nearing and from the east eight outlaws raced their nearly dead horses to keep a murderous appointment with that wagon. From the North a gentleman gunslinger rode into town on a magnificent stallion, and over the crest of the hills Sanni and his Comanche warriors waited, pledged to kill the white man.

It was the day of the gun, and the people of the little town of Serret would forever remember the fantastic bravery and courage shown by the man named WYOMING JONES.

3rd and final book in the Wyoming Jones series.

Title: Day Of The Gun
Author: Richard Telfair (pseudonym of Richard Jessup)
Imprint & Number: Gold Medal S1250
Cover price: 35¢
Publication date: 1962
Cover artist: uncredited
ISBN: none

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