Snakehead by Chad Merriman (Ballantine U1003 – 1965)

Ballantine U1003, 1st printing

Ballantine U1003, 1st printing

In 1874 up in the Cascade Mountains in the Yakima country, a man, Doc Maker, had a dream – to make wheatland of the high, rich plateaus, to build a railroad through the precipitous passes, to establish mercantile houses and banks and homes for the people who would work the ranches and the farms and the businesses.

He was a big man with big ideas.

And that made him a prime target for the fearful, the greedy and the lawless.

A paperback original first edition.

Title: Snakehead
Author: Chad Merriman (pseudonym of Giff Cheshire)
Imprint & Number: Ballantine U1003
Cover price: 40¢
Publication date: 1965
Cover artist: uncredited
ISBN: none

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