Moderan by David R Bunch (Ballantine V2403 – 1971)

Ballantine V2403, 1st printing

Ballantine V2403, 1st printing

Come To Moderan….

Moderan is one of the most startlingly original, provocative, and fascinating future worlds in all of science fiction.

In Moderan, men are made mostly of metal. They retain strips of flesh to contain their humanity. They live in Strongholds, and they prowl the war rooms of their Strongholds and plan wars.

Quite a world, Moderan. Come visit. The war is about to begin.

A paperback original first edition anthology containing 46 short stories from his Moderan sequence.

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Title: Moderan
Author: David R Bunch
Imprint & Number: Ballantine V2403
Cover price: 75¢
Publication date: 1971
Cover artist: Tom Adams
ISBN: none

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